Cosmetic tattoos for your eyes

Eyeliner/StarDust Liner/Lash Enhancement

Who would like more defined eyes? Bringing attention to your eyes make a huge difference to your face.

Why not take such a beautiful feature as your eyes and use cosmetic tattooing to make them stand out even more?

Applying permanent makeup you can have eyes that always look amazing.  

Permanent eye make up is a perfect solution for giving you the look that you love all day and all night without the pain of it smudging or coming off.

Speaking of pain, our eye make up process is pain free.

Stardust liner is a blended enhanced liner which creates the illusion of eyeliner and shaded makeup all in one! Perfect for hooded eyes, and gives a great lifting effect.

Lash enhancement is tattooing only along the lash line, which makes your lashes appear darker and thicker, perfect if you don’t want the full eyeliner look.

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