Microblading Eyebrows

Micro blading is ideal for permenant makeup for those that want amazing eyebrows. This form of cosmetic tattooing helps thos that struggle to maintain stunning eyebrows. How microblading works, we draw individual strokes mimicking hairs into the skin, making them look like simulated hair strokes amongst your natural hairs.

People have cosmetic tattoo eyebrows for many reasons, over-plucking, thining due to age or illness or you may simply want to improve them in a subtle way.

You can have the perfect eyebrows for you.

People say it is a mini facelift, as by improving your brow shape it frames and defines the shape of your face making you appear more youthful.  

We also offer powder brow  as well as Blade N Shade(Combination) which is a beautifully shaded brow, it looks more full than the feather stroke but leaves a more defined shape and looks amazing. You can even combine both techniques (Blade N Shade) for a wow effect!

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